Collaborating and reinforcing ties in the region

Having a strong presence in the MENA region since the last ten years, RICS is committed to collaborating with others in the industry to deliver stable and vibrant marketplaces in land, real estate, construction and infrastructure.


With 2017 at an end, we would like to highlight some of our significant partnerships established this year. 

Qatar Green Building Council

With Qatar aiming to fulfil its construction and infrastructure goals before the FIFA World Cup 2022, sustainable practices in the built environment are crucial for the long-term plans of the country. RICS and the Qatar Green Building Council partnered together to host the Urban Thinkers Campus event in Doha, earlier this year. The event featured discussions about the issues that impact and shape the future cities that are needed.

A MoU was signed at the event between the Council and RICS, that highlighted their collaboration in Qatar to promote knowledge and awareness of sustainability in the built environment. Both organisations have committed to deliver training, professional development and events, along with creating reports and market analysis that benefit the built environment. 

Qatar Green Building Council

Emirates Green Building Council

Sustainable building practices are essential in this region with the significant scope of construction projects under development or in the pipeline. To support sustainability in the built environment, RICS and the Emirates Green Building Council signed a memorandum of understanding recently.

Through this agreement, both organisations will encourage industry best practices, such as the adoption of international standards, including International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS) to ensure comparable sustainability metrics.

As a professional forum, the Emirates Green Building Council, is dedicated in promoting and encouraging green building concepts within the industry to protect the environment. They work to enable collaborative solutions that foster sustainable practices in the UAE.

Emirates Green Building Council

Society of Engineers – UAE

To encourage the exchange of professional knowledge and development across the built environment covering the UAE, RICS and the Society of Engineers - UAE (SOE-UAE) strengthened its partnership by signing a MoU this year.

Through the MoU, the two organisations will work together and support mutually beneficial professional events, industry best practices and provide training for their members.

We recognise the importance of the work SOE-UAE are doing across the region to promote best practice and professional development to their members.  This collaboration is recognition of the professionalism of our combined membership and our commitment to developing this further.

As a semi-government sector and a non-profit organisation, the SOE-UAE aims to facilitate the increasing demands for professional expertise and accreditation of engineers in the UAE.

Society of Engineers - UAE

Through our collaboration with these esteemed organisations, we look forward to building prosperous and safe marketplaces across the region.

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