This year RICS has supported IREC (International Real Estate Challenge) 2017 in a big way by lending our time and resources to help shape the minds of young students across Europe.

IREC Panel Expo Real 2017

At Expo Real 2017, students Annika Barkmann, Karoline Seifert, Samantha Wilkens, and Lars-Vincent Scheffler from IREC 2017 came together with their mentor and professor Sabine Zippel from Hochschule21 to share their experience but most importantly what they learned. 

Joined by RICS’ Judith Gabler as moderator and Sabine Pentrop from HOWOGE, this panel empowered the students to share their journey but also to empower more students to get involved in our “shaping our future- students for students” project.

moderator Judith Gabler

Working in an international group can be challenging. We are all from different backgrounds and have different cultures, one of the biggest tips of advice I can give: is to keep working hard and to remember to use your difference as an advantage.

IREC Panel

Samantha Wilkens encouraged students to “always go with the most out of the box ideas, as they will help you to win the challenge and are the most exciting to create”. All of the students were positive about their experience and Lars-Vincent is looking forward to his upcoming IREC in 2018.  



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