Professional groups

Professional groups provide technical advice across the organisation.They contribute to our public policy agenda, and develop and maintain strategic alliances with other professional bodies and industry organisations/groupings.

Most groups are also responsible for maintaining alternative designations (e.g. chartered quantity surveyor; chartered facilities management surveyor).


Joining a group and the benefits

Joining a professional group

As a member, you are automatically attached to the professional group through which you qualified as part of your annual subscription (your primary professional group).

If you wish to use the alternative designation of a specific group, you must have achieved your RICS qualification through that professional group and maintain your membership of the group.

If you wish to attain the alternative designation you must complete the requirements set by that professional group's board.

You can apply to change your primary professional group at anytime by contacting the RICS contact centre. You can only normally apply to change your primary professional group if you have achieved the level of competence demanded by that professional group’s board.


  • Where attained, the right to use the alternative designation attaching to the specific group
  • Receipt of a technical journal relating to the professional group's remit
  • Alerts and updates on the latest practice developments via email