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For most small and medium businesses the process of finding suitable space to lease, including deciding whether to stay in an existing premises, can appear extremely complex. There is a range of costs, benefits, obligations and choices to understand.

Factors tenants should consider carefully include:

  • the amount of space required
  • the total occupancy costs of any space (rent, outgoings, incentives, ongoing tenancy energy costs, fit out costs, make good costs)
  • key features of the space (location, views, standard of building, ceiling height, lighting, indoor environment quality)
  • the energy efficiency of the space leased
  • the environmental performance of the base building and the benefits that it can bring to its tenants.

We provide commercial office tenants in Australia with guidance and tools that will help them make informed decisions about tenancies they are considering to lease. In providing this guidance we highlight an increasingly important area for businesses/tenants – the energy efficiency of the building and/or space leased.

Free apps for iPhone, Android, tablet and desktop

We have developed a series of mobile and desktop application tools which helps time-poor SME commercial office tenants to:

  • search the BEEC database
  • compare and rank different spaces available for lease
  • calculate and compare the occupancy costs of space for lease
  • calculate and compare tenancy energy costs of space for lease
  • calculate and compare tenancy lighting costs of space for lease
  • track tenancy energy bills
  • see simply how choosing different space and/or changing other tenancy variables (the amount of space, for example) affects the energy efficiency and/or cost of that space. 

Get the app:

Free guidance - Choosing and Managing an Energy Efficient Space: A Best Practice Guide for SME Commercial Office Tenants

To support the mobile and desktop application tools we have also produced a simple, user friendly guide (aimed at time-poor SME managers), which explains how to use the application tools but also provides best practice advice on:

  • understanding the leasing process and where to find the best independent advice
  • deciding whether to stay in an existing space or move
  • prioritising key features of different space to lease
  • what to look for when visiting tenancies
  • what to include in negotiations with your existing or new landlord
  • making informed decisions about different tenancies
  • understanding total occupancy costs
  • why energy efficiency is important for tenants
  • how to choose an energy efficient tenancy
  • how to manage and improve energy efficiency in a tenancy
  • energy efficiency and carbon footprinting and management in tenancies.

Download the guide

Further advice

RICS qualified commercial property professionals have met RICS standards for education, training and professional development and are regulated by RICS to a global standard.

For advice from an RICS qualified tenant adviser please contact RICS (e, +61 (0) 2 9216 2333).

Acknowledgement and disclaimer

This activity received funding from the Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism as part of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program.

The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the Commonwealth of Australia, and the Commonwealth does not accept responsibility for any information or advice contained herein.

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