The RICS Regulatory Board is considering changes to firm regulation.


We would like to invite you to share your views on the proposed changes through our public consultation. Please visit to access the consultation document and questionnaire.

The Regulatory Board is considering to:

  1. Strengthen the eligibility rules (with regards to the number of Principals)
  2. Increase the responsibility of Principals

These changes are being considered for a number of reasons.

Professional standards

Professional standards in property, land, infrastructure and construction advisory services matter to the welfare of society, the environment and the economy. Firms have an increasingly important role in implementing standards.

Having strong and clear commitment to the standards, values and competencies of the profession embodied in the individuals who lead firms is very important to delivering the standards that the profession and the public expect.

Public expectation

There is also an increasing public expectation in many countries that transparent and proper corporate governance requires that the appropriate business leaders should be held to responsible for their firm’s conduct, performance or service.

We believe that these changes will give clients confidence that, in selecting a regulated firm, they are procuring surveying services from a firm where a significant proportion of the senior managers have been assessed for competence and ethical awareness under RICS’ world class professional assessment programme.

You can find a detailed description of the proposed changes in the consultation document.

The consultation is open until 20 April. If you have any questions, please contact us:

UK & Ireland, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Asia Pacific


Comments (1)

  1. I was elected a Fellow when each and every Partner had to qualify as a Chartered Surveyor.
    Notwithstanding the provisions of the discussion documents concerning Firm Regulation, the RICS has allowed its rules to be diluted over time, in my opinion, to suit the Multi-Discipline Companies.
    I do not consider that anything less than 100% compliance can achieve acceptable standards.

    Michael Woodley Michael Woodley, Monday at 10:27AM

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