RICS is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Nicholl as Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Australasia and Japan.

Chris Nicholls

Chris brings 30 years of experience in the international property consultancy space, and over 20 years of executive and board-level experience. Chris previously spent over five years working in Singapore in an Asia-Pacific role, which makes him well-placed to drive momentum forward in the wider region.

As Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Australasia and Japan, Chris is responsible for promoting adoption of the RICS assurance regime among stakeholders, and leading our growth initiatives across this region, including greater B2B engagement, deeper strategic partnerships and collaborative thought leadership for the built environment.

I look forward to creating future opportunities for partnership and collaboration to meet our long-term business goals.

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  1. The view from RICS

    We will continue making investments in professionalism and thought leadership, as well as effective product development and delivery. We must work together across the region; I am certain Chris’ appointment will help us do that effectively and efficiently over the coming months.

    Will Myles

    Will Myles, RICS Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific 12 July at 08:59AM

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