In Europe our External Affairs team develop strategic alliances and build networks to share best practice and help organisations and governments make the right decisions. This engagement includes firms operating on the property market, as well as banks, institutional investors, regulators and other professional organisations and stakeholders.

Meet the team

Sander Scheurwater

Sander Scheurwater
Sander works on recognition and enforcement of RICS’ standards in Europe. He also has management responsibilities for (EU) Policy & Public Affairs and professional group output (our practice statements and guidance notes) in the region.

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Zsolt Toth

Zsolt Toth
Zsolt delivers EU policy and drives public affairs activity across Europe. He is responsible for building strategic relationships, informing the policy making process and placing RICS standards and guidance in the market place.

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Policy and consultation

Decisions made at EU level have a great impact on the daily work of RICS members across Europe. We aim to maintain and enhance the reputation of RICS with all those engages in the EU policy and regulatory process. RICS, a public interest body, provides impartial and expert advice to decision makers on matters concerning land, property and construction.

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Sector news and updates

Construction is a wide ranging discipline covering surveying specialisms such as project management, taxation allowance, quantity surveying, building surveying, building control and built infrastructure. Browse our dynamic listing of the latest news, events and policy positions for your country and region.

Robust standards form the basis of high quality valuations. The Red Book is issued by RICS as part of our commitment to promote and support high standards in valuation delivery worldwide and is just one aspect of what we do in the valuation sector. See how we're improving and shaping valuation across the European region.

Technical and professional standards on International Property Measurement, Real Estate Agency and Brokerage, Real Estate Management, Asset Management and Facilities Management are our focus for this sector - see what else we do to champion commercial surveyors across the region

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