RICS appoints Tina Paillet FRICS, currently Head of Projects and Technology for Generali Real Estate, as the new Chair of the organisation’s European World Regional Board, representing over 8,100 qualified professionals from more than 40 countries.

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The European board, composed of nine high level personalities with first-hand senior management knowledge of the property sector, will play a key role in ensuring RICS qualified professionals are best placed to respond to the future challenges impacting the natural and built environment.

Members of the Board:

  • Tina Paillet FRICS – Chair of the RICS Board in Europe
  • Maarten Vermeulen FRICS – RICS Regional Managing Director in Europe, Russia & CIS 
  • Seweryna Afanasjew MRICS – Poland 
  • Marcel de Boer MRICS – The Netherlands 
  • Silvio Estienne MRICS – France 
  • Nikolaus Holzinger MRICS – Germany 
  • Pascal Plotegher FRICS – France 
  • Eduardo Fernández-Cuesta FRICS – Spain 
  • Josiane Richardson MRICS – Gibraltar

Europe Board 2017

I am proud to represent the RICS in Europe Board, particularly in the year that RICS celebrates its 150th anniversary. This anniversary is not only a milestone to celebrate the significant and positive impact surveyors have made on society, but an opportunity to look ahead and ensure the profession remains relevant and ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.
One of those challenges is the speed of technological change, as new technologies will dramatically change the way we work, collect and use data. Many of these advances, including artificial intelligence (AI) and block chain, will bring new opportunities and make property professionals more agile, but an increased emphasis on skills development and adaptation will be crucial.
I am convinced that RICS, as the industry’s leading professional body, is best positioned to champion and embrace these changes, and to accompany its members into the "Age of PropTech" whilst promoting the highest standards, providing thought-provoking research and offering innovative learning programs that will be available to all professionals across the European region.

To fulfil this commitment, RICS will organise the third Summit of the World Built Environment Forum in London in April 2018. Under the theme ‘Urbanisation, Innovation and Civilisation’, the Summit will focus on the commercial strategies needed to harness the enormous potential of the 21st century’s people and the built environment. With this Forum, RICS wants to bring knowledge, skills and resources to shape the environment global populations need.

About the RICS Board in Europe

The RICS European Board is one of the World Regional Boards reporting to the Management Board. The main purpose of the World Regional Boards is to deliver the agreed RICS strategy at regional level by overseeing plans and allocating resources within the region. The RICS Board in Europe will meet three times a year to discuss the strategic plan for RICS in the region. It plays an important role in the development of RICS’ aim to embed standards and professionalism in land, property and construction.


Laura Lindberg
RICS Head of Media & Communications, Europe
t +32 2 739 42 27; e llindberg@rics.org 

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