Real estate management (REM) in Europe

Sander Scheurwater

Director Corporate Affairs, Europe (RICS)

Ethics, consumer protection and expertise are at the heart of the RICS guidance note Real Estate Management, 1st edition: our international code outlining the principles of how real estate managers should conduct their business.

Download Real Estate Management, 1st edition

The guidance sets a framework for best practice in the execution and delivery of real estate management services, subject to local legislative requirements and local market specifics. The publication offers generic guidance applicable to the management of both residential and commercial real estate and will help meet relevant laws and ethical codes in all world regions. Providing the highest professional standards, the endorsement of REM helps firms be recognised by clients and stand apart from competition in terms of quality and accountability.

DTZ in Poland has been the first firm in Europe to officially adopt the REM Guidance Note as best practice in the sector.

It has recently been followed by Knight Frank, OSWBZGo4Energy,  Emmerson Commercial Sp. z o.o., and Lidman all in Poland. 

If you are interested in adopting the Guidance as best practice for your firm, please contact your local RICS Country Manager or Sander Scheurwater.

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