The Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) has launched for consultation a proposal for a Standard Form of Civil Engineering Cost Analysis (SFCECA).


The main consultation document is the ‘SFCECA outline data structure’, which presents an overview of cost elements for most types of civil engineering structures. The structures are grouped by basic functions into ‘Entities’ with Elements proposed for each Entity.

In addition to the outline data structure BCIS has published General principles, instructions, definitions and common elements’ for preparing a cost analysis and detailed definitions for certain Entities.

BCIS is keen to consult as widely as possible.

The aim of the consultation is to establish:

  • whether there is a general need for a SFCECA
  • whether the approach developed is generally acceptable by:
  • seeking comments and suggestions on the proposed structure
  • engaging with specialist clients and consultants to incorporate existing definitions of entity types and functional cost data structures; and
  • if there is a desire for an industry database.

Consultation documents:

  • Outline data structure: Key consultation document that describes the general concepts and shows the proposed data structure.
  • Principles, instructions, definitions and common elements: Sets out the principles of analysis; details the supporting information required so that the costs analysed can be fully understood; sets out the cost breakdown for works that occur on most projects (external works, facilitating works) and for preliminaries, temporary works, design fees, etc.

Definitions of elements for some individual entities: Provides classification of the entity types, and detailed definitions of the elements:

  • Pavements, which covers roads, runways, hard standings, etc. Includes specific definitions for Runway pavements.
  • Railways and the like
  • Quays, Piers, Jetties, Platforms and the like
  • Support structures (Masts, Towers and the like)
  • Pipelines and Ducts

Queries and comments should be sent to:

BCIS, RICS, Parliament Square, SW1P 3AD. 020 7695 1500.

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