We are currently undertaking a global counsellor review assessing the skills across our global counsellor pool. This is part of a wider initiative to develop and improve the skills of all RICS Counsellors and the support we provide to them.


Over two-thirds of candidates who are referred after passing the global assessment, do so because they have come forward before they have gained the relevant level of competence. Yet, in being signed off by ‘Chartered Surveyors’ acting as candidates’ counsellors, they have been deemed fit to be assessed. In some markets where there are fewer members, access to counsellors can be limited.  We also recognise there is a ‘gap’ in counsellor support and many counsellors are left to their own devices to help support their candidates. 

The review aims to outline the following:

  • To understand a view of the skills we have across the counsellor community
  • To identify the role (and purpose) of the counsellor should be
  • To understand any skills gaps and develop a learning and development plan that fills those gaps
  • To capitalise on experts by sharing best practice through mentoring and coaching
  • To ensure we build the right skills for the future within the counsellor community to meet current and future demand
  • Use of new technology to improve RICS candidate and counsellor engagement.

A counsellor has overall responsibility for signing off any candidate as ready for the preliminary/final assessment stage and it is crucial to the success that counsellors have access to all the information needed to support the next generation of qualified professionals.

Working as a counsellor can be personally rewarding and satisfying, and can:

  • Help to maintain the high professional standards expected of qualified professionals
  • Give something back into the surveying profession
  • Help raise the profile of RICS and its professionals around the world
  • Contribute to some of the characteristics of applying for fellowship

We will keep you up to date on progress of this global review and thank you to all our counsellors for your continued support in championing RICS.

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