Oliver Parsons

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus


An experienced and award-winning magazine editor, Oliver has worked in the sectors of property, insurance, automotive and technology.

At Sunday Publishing, he has edited titles for a variety of high-profile clients, including Miller Homes, British Gas, Allianz and Toyota, as well as RICS.

Articles (36)

  • Modus Asia edition, Q2 2018

    Modus Asia edition, Q2 2018

    In this issue, we look at a variety of topics, from the impact of self-driving cars on cities and infrastructure, to the technological possibilities of air-purification technology, and the possible ramifications of blockchain on how we measure and trade real estate.

  • The Anniversary Issue
    Property technology

    The Anniversary Issue

    Back in June 1868, a small group of Victorian gentlemen gathered in London with a very important mission: to preserve and propagate the very best professional practice and ethical behaviour among surveyors.

  • The Squeezed Issue
    Planning & development

    The Squeezed Issue

    One of the inevitable consequences of the world’s spiralling rate of urbanisation is that people are arriving in cities faster than homes can be built for them. What happens next should be obvious to anyone with even the most basic grasp of the laws of supply and demand.

  • The Growth Issue

    The Growth Issue

    As cities become nodes of a global network, it’s been the largest, most outward-facing metropolises that have really benefited, leaving nearby smaller cities playing catch-up. So, could a cohesive mega-regional policy – particularly joined-up transport policies – help to distribute growth more fairly?

  • Modus Asia edition, Q1 2018

    Modus Asia edition, Q1 2018

    Welcome to the first edition of Modus Asia in this, RICS’ 150th celebratory year.

  • The Current Issue

    The Current Issue

    The dramatic fall in the price of offshore wind power underlines how the world is undergoing an energy revolution. Meanwhile, energy grids are becoming smart and responsive, nuclear power is changing fast, and households can store more energy than ever before, placing them in more control.

  • The Moving Issue

    The Moving Issue

    In this, the first edition of Modus in RICS’ 150th celebratory year, we case our eye to the future and ask: where will self-driving cars take us?

  • The Elements Issue

    The Elements Issue

    Rare-earth metals are found in everything from mobile phones to ground-breaking cancer treatments. The rise in demand is taking us to the seabed, where some of the greatest concentrations of rare-earth metals are to be found. But the stakes are high: deposits are hard to access, procedures are largely unproven at this scale and the capital required is huge – not to mention the environmental risks.

  • Modus Asia edition, Q4 2017
    Property technology

    Modus Asia edition, Q4 2017

    With new technologies emerging and transforming working practices, it’s inevitable that the skills and aptitudes required by the industry will change. But the questions are… how, and when?

  • The Work Issue

    The Work Issue

    Anyone nearing retirement today is likely to have seen some serious changes in the workplace. Computers (remember the days when ‘the’ office PC had to be booked in advance?) have made us responsible for our own admin. Partition walls have come crashing down as we move to open-plan workspaces. And email has turned the overflowing in-tray into the overflowing in-box.