As an organisation, we strive to achieve recognition amongst key stakeholder groups and government. In Queensland advocacy and recognition are our major focus.


In our rapidly changing world it is imperative that we are taking the latest in industry thinking to inform government and policy makers on how our standards support a safe and vibrant marketplace. 

Gaining recognition for our standards and qualification acknowledges the importance of promoting and embedding international standards and the chartered surveyors who deliver them around the world.  To ensure we are strategic and co-ordinated in our approach, our focus is on recognition in the form of ‘adoption’.  This means tangible examples of businesses, governments and markets using (and not simply promoting or supporting) our standards and qualification. 

Through global coalitions we are developing new standards on International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS), Ethics, and International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS).

In Queensland, following the launch of the RICS Futures report we have seen an increase in recognition in this region, including liaison with the Deputy Premier's Office on infrastructure and the future direction of infrastructure in Queensland.  RICS has been also recently been endorsed by the Property Council of Australia for inclusion in Commercial leases.  

We continue to collaborate with the industry and professional organisations on issues such as diversity and inclusion, responsible business practices, embedding international standards and ethics, and providing quality training and development opportunities.

Our local committee is responsible for the delivery of member services, and our advocacy and recognition agenda.  The committee work hard to ensure that you have access to training, CPD and that recognition in Queensland continues to build.  Working alongside our locally based team the committee also ensures implementation of the world regional business plan in line with local needs. The committee's chairman position is currently vacant.

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