RICS CPD app guidance

Record your CPD whenever and wherever you please, with our free CPD app for iPhone and Android.

What is the RICS CPD app?

It is a free Apple iPhone and Android app for recording CPD hours by qualified RICS members.

The RICS CPD app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Which languages is it available in?

Both the Apple and Android app is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (simplified) and Brazilian (Portuguese). The app will display in English unless French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Brazilian (Portuguese) have been selected as the operating language of the device.

Are Blackberry or Windows phones versions available?

No. There are no plans to develop for Windows or Blackberry right now.

Which Apple devices does the app work with?

The app runs onteh fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh generations of Apple iPhone with iOS 6.1 and higher operating systems.

It also runs on all current generations of iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch.

How can I get the app?


The app can be downloaded to any compatible Apple device from the Apple App Store — search for “RICS CPD”. If you’re using an iPad, you may need to select to search for iPhone apps as this is how Apple have categorised it (though it runs on iPad too).


The app can be downloaded to any compatible Android device from the Google Play Store — search for “RICS CPD”.

How do members log in?

As a qualified RICS member, you can log into the app using your existing RICS website login details (email and password). Once logged in, you will stay logged in until you select to logout.

Which members can use the app?

The app is available for qualified members in all countries. This means members with the designations: AssocRICS, MRICS, FRICS, HonRICS only.

Students and APC candidates are not qualified members and so will not be able to access the app.

Can non-members use the app if they wanted to?

No. When you first log in to the app, we check our database to see if you’re a qualified RICS member. If you are, your account will display, if not, then you can’t log in.

What happens when I record a CPD activity using the app?

The recorded CPD activity is saved to your personal database record. This allows the activity to be retrieved back when you next access the app, or for it to be retrieved to the website you next access CPD recording from your desktop.

Can members upload documents via the app?

No. The app is a very simple CPD activity recording device. You can add supporting documents via the website later, but only if you haven’t already marked the activity as completed.

Can I edit CPD activities on the app?

As long as the CPD activity you’ve recorded has not been marked as completed (it is still marked as planned), then changes can be made.

Can I use voice recognition to record my activity?

Apple keypads, and most Android keypads, enable users to access the device’s microphone and will (pretty accurately) type as you speak. This can be used for activity titles, and learning outcomes which are freetext fields, but not for dropdown menu items.

Can I download a summary of last year’s CPD activity via the app?

You can see all recorded activities for the previous year, but cannot download these using the app. That functionality is only available via the desktop CPD recording system.

Is an internet connection needed for the app to work?

Yes. Wi-Fi is best, but 3G and 4G also work fine. Without any connection, the app cannot retrieve or send CPD information so a message is displayed to you informing you that you’re not connected to the internet.

Can I record CPD for next year now using the app?

You can record activities for 2018 now, but you can’t mark them as completed until the date of the activity has been reached. Until then they will appear as ‘planned’ activities. Only ‘completed’ activities will count towards your required CPD 20 hours.


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