Bespoke solutions

At the core of our services is our ability and experience in collecting, modelling, analysing and interpreting data.

Bespoke solutions gives you the opportunity to tap into our knowledge and find answers to problems that can’t be resolved through standard information sources.

What we offer

We offer more than just information services: we provide bespoke solutions and research support to stakeholders throughout the supply chain in both the public and private sector. Our bespoke offerings aim to provide:

  • improved business investment and performance
  • facilitated value in capital expenditure planning and control
  • improvement in operating expenditure planning and control
  • better understanding of future demand and cost pressures.

Our clients include:

  • Highways Agency
  • Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS)
  • Defence Infrastructure Organisation
  • Homes and Communities Agency
  • Association of British Insurers
  • Kykloud
  • Nomitech

Make an enquiry

Dr David Crosthwaite
Head of Bespoke Data Services
t: 0207 695 1541

Joe Martin
Lead consultant