Land Journal February–March 2018
Land Journal February–March 2018

Mike Swain

Editor, Land Journal (RICS)

The UK faces some significant challenges over the next decade sourcing its energy and maintaining security of supply.


Keeping costs reasonably low is crucial for economic growth. But the energy picture is changing constantly – coal-fired power stations are being phased out by 2025, and the global oil price is influenced by political uncertainty in the Middle East, rising exploration costs and US domestic policy. Meanwhile, renewables are becoming cheaper but are not always reliable, and the more dependable nuclear power requires huge investment, locking us into high energy prices for decades to come. And still demand from gadgets and electric cars keeps rising.

So I am very grateful to Mark Griffiths for tackling the huge complexities of UK energy supply up to 2030 and writing the four-page article that is the main feature of this issue. I know how much time and research he has put into producing a comprehensive overview of the current predictions.

Also in this edition, James Kavanagh updates us on progress being made with the International Land Measurement Standards, which are on course to be launched this year and are currently out for consultation. In a separate article, RICS Director of Professional Standards Ken Creighton talks about establishing standards for the profession and the work that lies ahead.

Finally, RICS is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2018. A fascinating exhibition is being held at London HQ and other initiatives are running throughout the year – including Pride in the Profession, which will celebrate people and projects that have made an inspiring contribution to the profession. If you can think of any examples, get in touch with the organising team and read the nominations.

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