Modus Asia edition, Q4 2017
Modus Asia edition, Q4 2017

Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus (RICS)

With new technologies emerging and transforming working practices, it’s inevitable that the skills and aptitudes required by the industry will change. But the questions are… how, and when?

In this next generation-themed edition of Modus Asia, we’re taking a look at how this perfect storm of new technology and the economic shift eastwards will affect the surveying profession. What skills will be important? What will perhaps become less critical to success? And how does the industry in Asia recruit a new generation of talent that is vital to keep the region building?

We look at the global challenge of constructing the airport infrastructure that will be needed for the next 100 years; investigate the role professionals can play in improving how we record, enforce and protect land rights; and ask whether co-living can be a genuine alternative to renting or owning your own private apartment.

Two local experts debate the relative performance of India and Indonesia’s commercial property markets; Keppel Capital CEO Christina Tan examines the risk profiles of some the region’s more interesting sectors; and discover why Hong Kong has just made it a whole lot easier to tell someone you’re sorry.

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