4 predictions about your future workplace

Stephanie Bentley

Prop Tech Product Executive, Data and Information Products Group (RICS)

We’re proud to sponsor WORKTECH18 Tokyo, an international workplace series exploring future technologies, cutting-edge workplaces and change management. We asked them what we can expect to see more of in 2018 — here are their predictions.


1. Flexbile spaces

Watch out as large companies shrink their corporate footprint in 2018 and seek out flexible alternatives, making the co-working juggernaut unstoppable.

Another latte, anyone?

2. Chatbots

Artificial intelligence (AI) will switch from science fiction to a workplace near you in 2018 with chatbots leading the charge. But the discourse will swing from robots taking our jobs, to humans having to do the work of robots.

3. Smart precincts

A big year ahead, not just for smart buildings, but for smart precincts, which are the building blocks of digital cities. These digital districts (think Hudson Yards or King’s Cross) are set to blend mixed-use developments with smart services.

4. Data analysts

2018 will be a breakthrough year for collecting data in the workplace through smart sensors and beacons, but the key question will switch from how we collect the data, to what we do with it. In-house data analysts could be an answer.

As technology continues to impact the way that we occupy buildings, the need for new skills within the industry becomes increasingly important.

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