Strengthening firm regulation – the first step: use of the RICS logo

The RICS regulatory board is looking at how we can strengthen the value proposition of firm regulation, and make it easier for clients to identify firms regulated by RICS.


Issues under consideration are:

  • The use of the RICS logo by firms
  • How firms signpost their regulated status
  • Representation of qualified members of the profession in regulated firms
  • Responsibility of principals
  • Global consistency in the model
  • The future development of RICS’ assurance programme

RICS logo usage

We are ready for the first step. From 1 January 2019 only those firms which are registered for regulation with RICS may use the RICS logo for marketing purposes. At the moment, firms which undertake surveying activities outside the UK are able to use the RICS logo without being registered for regulation as long as they have one Chartered Surveyor principal.

By adopting a globally consistent approach towards the use of the RICS logo, it will become easier for clients in the marketplace to identify firms working to our globally recognised standards.

We will enforce this rule change through legal action to protect RICS' brand and, where appropriate, disciplinary action.

Unregulated firms using our logo can sign up to RICS regulation and add value to their business.

‘Regulated by RICS’ conveys a consistent message of confidence and quality to clients whether they are local, national or international. RICS provides regulated firms with guidance and support on embedding best practice through professional standards.

The Rules for the Registration of Firms, the RICS Rules of Conduct for Firms, and the registration form can be found on

A firm will need to meet several preconditions for registering. It must:

  • Offer professional services in surveying disciplines to professional, corporate, institutional and other clients who rely on such services.
  • Have at least one principal (a senior manager, partner or owner), who is a qualified RICS professional (MRICS, FRICS, AssocRICS).
  • Agree to observe and comply with RICS Rules of Conduct for Firms, including working to RICS standards.

There is no fee for registering your firm.

Alternatively, unregulated firms will have to remove the RICS logo from their brochures, website and all other marketing material, and explain to their clients why they no longer use the RICS logo.

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