Benefits of RICS status

Professional standards have never been more important. Clients around the world are demanding greater certainty and seeking professionals who work to the highest standards.

Multi ethnic group

Over 125,000 qualified and trainee professionals worldwide have attained RICS status. Joining RICS not only provides you with a prestigious professional qualification, it also offers you a genuine competitive advantage.

An RICS professional qualification demonstrates that you work to the highest standard of excellence and integrity. Find your way to RICS status

1. Status

Your RICS credentials command respect from clients and peers by demonstrating that you work to the highest professional and ethical standard. The qualification is prestigious and a personal achievement to be proud of.

2. Recognition

By promoting the value of RICS standards we aim to ensure that professionalism is embedded in the market, which provides public confidence and drives demand for your services.

3. Market advantage

By working to RICS standards you provide unrivalled confidence to the market and gain a competitive advantage.

4. Knowledge

RICS provides a range of practice standards, CPD and best practice guidance to help you maintain the highest levels of professionalism and continue to develop your technical and professional knowledge.

5. Network

With over 125,000 professionals worldwide RICS connects you to other professionals and clients in local and global markets.


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