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IPMS セミナー/ IPMS seminar

Seminar Xymax corporation 10F Conference room, 23 Oct 2017

IPMS(国際不動産面積測定基準)セミナー第3弾をご案内いたします。We're pleased to announce our 3rd time IPMS, International Property Measurement Standards, seminar in Tokyo, Japan.




開催日:2017年10月23日 月曜日

*ご来場の際は、入館のためフライヤーもしくは提出して頂いたRegistration formをご持参ください。


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In this seminar, it is expected that you’ll gain updated information on the adoption of the standards by governments and companies in other countries and regions as well as on IPMS 4 updates made with awareness of Facility management. 

Alex Aronson FRICS, Director of Technical International Standards, RICS will introduce IPMS and its advantage for delegates who will participate this IPMS seminar for the first time. He will also talk about how and where the standards are adopted, the successful cases of adoption by companies and governments as well as best practices and challenges.
The presentation will be followed by panel discussion and networking session.
(Please note that Alex’s presentation is in English but panel discussion is in Japanese.)

Seminar details

Date: Monday 23rd, October 2017
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm
Registaration starts from 3:30 pm
Venue: Xymax corporation 10F Conference room,  1-1-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Please bring flyer or registration form you submitted to enter the building on the day of the event.

Capacity: 50 (First-come, First-served)
Fee: 2,000 yen for Members  
      3,000 yen for non-members

Pease note that there is early bird discount for registraion & bank transfer payment by 9 Oct 2017.
Please also note that delegates need to bear the bank transfer charge.

Registration: Plase fill in the registration form in the flyer and email to or fax
to RICS Japan (03-5532-8814)

For more information, please feel free to contact to RICS Japan. ( email: )

Why do we need IPMS?

Currently, the way property assets are measured varies and it is said that a property’s floor area can deviate by as much as 24%. This makes  difficult for property users, investors, occupiers and developers to accurately compare space.  By adopting IPMS, they can compare and manage floor area through the global standardized measurement method which will increase transparency in the industry. Additionally,  IPMS supports IVS, International Valuation Standards, and this is the base for IFRS, International Financial Reporting Standards thus IPMS are important measurement methods.

Price incl. VAT

JPY2,000.00 for RICS members

JPY3,000.00 for non-members