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Residential Property Valuation: Using Comparable Evidence

Web class Online, 27 Feb 2018

Accurate selection and analysis of comparable evidence is at the heart of residential valuations yet until 2012 there was no formal guidance for this essential function.

This web class will review the RICS Information Paper on Comparable Evidence in Property Valuation and compare it with recent High Court judgements. Making extensive use of illustrated case studies the class will identify common areas of weakness and suggest how to ensure that the recording and analysis of comparables meets appropriate standards.

By the end of the Web Class, you will be able to:

  • Assess and prioritise sources of comparable evidence
  • Identify areas of potential vulnerability in the collection and analysis of comparable data
  • Appreciate why the structured analysis of raw comparable data is so critical
  • Understand the importance of recording details of comparable evidence and analysis
  • See how closely recent High Court Judgements are aligned with professional guidance from the RICS.

Who Should Attend

  • RICS Registered Valuers, especially Residential Valuers
  • Anyone with an interest in assessing valuation standards, including valuation auditors
  • Regulators and legal advisors
  • APC candidate and those involved with providing APC guidance or assessment Estate agents.

Web Class Pre-requisites 

The class is primarily intended for those specialising in, or with an interest in, the valuation of residential property, with a particular focus on valuations for mortgage purposes. It assumes an understanding of the valuation process, but an active involvement in the discipline is not essential.

Pre-Class Reading Material

It is recommended to read  the RICS Information Paper Comparable Evidence in Property Valuation prior to the session. The document is available to download in the Web Class area.


The class will use illustrated examples to contrast flawed comparable selection and analysis with good practice. There will be the opportunity for interaction between the presenter and participants.

Price excl. VAT

£40.00 for RICS members

£40.00 for non-members