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  • Realising social value within facilities management

    It's increasingly recognised that facilities management (FM) has a strategic role to play in the experience of the end user of buildings and facilities, and ultimately plays an integral role in social, environment and economic-wellbeing.

  • Our profession is not immune from advances in AI

    We can be certain of future disruptive changes in the technologies that affect our everyday lives, bringing an exponential pace of change. In this respect, Stanford University’s recent report 'Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030' raises deep questions for society and our profession.

  • Pricing in redenomination risk

    Markets are beginning to fret once again about the strains both within the single currency and the EU itself. This is most visible in the spread between the yield on German government bonds, which are seen as the safest asset in Europe, and the yield on debt issued by other government in Europe. The chart below shows how this gap has widened in recent weeks in the case of both France and Italy.