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  • Record breakers: Meet the surveyors

    Did you know that 19 professionals pushed the boundaries of what’s humanly possible by breaking world records at the Rio Olympics? It’s also been a record breaking year in the world of surveying. Meet the Olympians of our profession; surveyors who’ve made their own attempts at smashing world records.

  • Why do projects fail? Five expert answers

    Les Pickford asked the working group that developed our 'Lessons Learned' guidance note about construction project failure, lessons learned and risk management. Here are their answers to two of those questions.

  • Welcoming The Beijing National Accounting Institute Delegation

    On 22 August we played host to a visiting high level delegation from the Beijing National Accounting Institute (BNAI) for a two hour briefing conference. As part of an extensive UK programme undertaken by BNAI members, the conference was arranged primarily by our China office in collaboration with the China Appraisal Society (CAS).