MIPIM, day three: Technology is shaping the market

Dan Hughes

Director, Data and Information Product Management (RICS)

“Technology provides huge opportunities for professionals if it is appropriately used and embraced.” This was one of the views that came out of a fascinating panel discussion on the third day of MIPIM.


Following two insightful days on professionalism within our sector and the role of facilities management in shaping the future, Thursday saw the theme turn to technology and more importantly, how it is shaping the market.

We hosted two panel discussions on our stand during the day, one focused on Occupiers and the other on Investors. Below are some of the key messages that were identified.

Who were the panellists?

Panellists included leading thinkers from a wide variety of perspectives:

  • Arie Barendrecht, Wired Score
  • Thomas Herr, CBRE
  • Clare Penny, IBM
  • Aaron Block, MetaProp NYC
  • Bob Courteau, Altus Group
  • Phil Barrett, PGIM
  • Bob White, Real Capital Analytics

Key themes

  • Whilst technology is not new in the sector, the built environment has been slower than other sectors to adopt technology.
  • There is going to be an exponential growth in data and the need for connectivity is going to keep continue growing in importance.
  • The technology ecosystem is going to grow and strengthen with more collaboration, both formal and informal happening all of the time.

The one thing that all of the panellists agreed upon is that technology is happening and it is happening now. Their advice? Get out there, find out what is going on and take part in the discussion.

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