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  • EU referendum: The economic challenges ahead

    The “single market” experience for the UK since joining the European Economic Community in 1973 has, by and large, been a positive one. Enhanced product market competition has led to a decrease in the mark-up ratio in manufacturing from 38% to 28%, price dispersion has fallen significantly, and a rise in business innovation has lifted aggregate productivity and real wages.

  • EU Referendum: what it could mean for construction

    The potential stalling of UK-bound investment from external groups has been felt; uncertainty has put a stopper on some investment decisions, and this has negatively affected the construction sector. However, investor confidence is not the only element of the debate that could affect construction.

  • EU Referendum: what it could mean for residential

    Our recent residential market surveys indicate a chronic shortage of housing across the UK. Residential investment transactions in the residential sector have slowed and limited house buying transactions across the house price spectrum. This is not unexpected as there's usually a slowing of residential transactions before any national poll.