RICS bevordert en handhaaft de hoogste professionele kwalificaties en standaarden in de ontwikkeling en het beheer van grond, vastgoed, bouw en infrastructuur


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  • Diversity & Inclusion: it’s the mix that makes it

    The world we live in is caught up in a maelstrom of cultural transition. Never before has the need been so great to address the challenges facing the global workforce and how it can adapt to the accelerating change in cultures and values.

  • Human rights & Lego blocks: All roads lead to infrastructure

    If infrastructure professionals Dr Philippa Stratford and Liam Hewitt prove anything, it's that there isn't one definitive path into the surveying profession. One was working with the UN in Cambodia and looking for career change after having a family. The other? A Lego addict aiming to turn his passion into a career.

  • How 21st century technology exposed the secrets of 14th century architecture

    Scanning in tight or constricted structures can be a challenge; fortunately, modern, mobile-mapping technology can help. This cutting-edge technology was recently put to good use by an MSt student and geospatial imaging analyst to survey the intricate and hidden spaces of one of the largest and most magnificent monastic gatehouses in Britain.