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Training courses

Our face to face courses cover all areas of surveying and assessment and are run by experienced professionals sharing their expertise, knowledge and practical advice.

As an extension of the training offered, there are online distance learning (blended) courses and e-learning sessions available.

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  • ACRE Mediation Training in Poland

    ACRE Mediation Training in Poland

    RICS in Poland invites you to the training on mediation which will take place in Warsaw in the following dates:
    10-11-12 January - Module 1
    18-19 January - Module 2

    from PLN10,000.00 for RICS members

  • Kandidatentrainingen 2018

    Kandidatentrainingen 2018

    Kandidatentrainingen zijn verplicht voor iedereen die in de route naar het Final Assessment zit. We raden je aan deze training te volgen voordat je je case study/studies definitief maakt en dus ook geruime tijd voordat je assessment beoogt te doen.