If you’re counting down to your APC Final Assessment, it’s possible you may still have questions or concerns about what to expect. Fear not, as we’ve collated the top five key questions asked by candidates to our APC Assessors at recent Q&A sessions.


1. In the interview, will the assessors make it clear which competency level they’re targeting or will I need to work that out for myself?

Although sometimes they may do, Assessors are trained to signpost the competency, but not the level.

However, all interviews are different and this doesn’t happen every time though for various reasons, so train yourself to listen out for keywords.

2. Do you have any guidance on handling open-ended questions?

The skill is to pick up on any signposting in the question. Once you’ve done this, give a concise (but not one word) answer.

If the assessor then needs more information, it’s their job to get it from you.

3. How long do the questions on ethics last?

Typically you have 10 minutes on conduct rules and mandatory competencies - remember one wrong answer means immediate referral, so don’t overlook them.

4. I've not sat the final interview before. How similar is it to a job interview?

The questions are all based on the competencies and to the levels you have recorded.

It’s in a panel format, usually with two assessors and a chairperson. It’s a formal process but also a professional and technical assessment - not a personality test.

5. Do you have any general advice on how to prepare?

The key to success is planning - don’t leave it all to the last minute. Plan your APC studies into your working week. It may be daunting but breaking it down into manageable chunks will help.

You will have the degree or relevant qualifications; the key is now applying yourself. Always seek help wherever you can, whether it’s from your supervisor, counsellor or external resources such as RICS training or events.

Have your questions answered: Attend a Q&A session

These free to attend "Ask me anything" sessions take place once a month. They are an opportunity for candidates to put their specific questions about the process to an APC Assessor, or the RICS Membership and Training teams about the wider support available.

Register for the next session on 12 September

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