What will be the role of valuations in the years to come?

Sander Scheurwater

Director Corporate Affairs, Europe (RICS)

For the third time, we organised a RICS Futures Forum at Expo Real, this year discussing in which direction we are heading in valuation. Our aim is to stimulate the debate between valuers and their clients on the continued added value of valuations going forward.

RICS Futures Forum 2017 Expo Real

Our panel focussed on the main findings of a year-long discussion of an expert group consisting of valuers, banks and institutional investors. With technology and client expectations rapidly changing, the role of valuations for clients, as well as the role of the valuer in the valuation process, will be a hot topic in the years to come.

In a lively debate with our professionals Rüdiger Hornung FRICS, Member of the German RICS Board, department International Standards, Ralf Kemper MRICS, Head of Valuation & Transaction Advisory Germany, JLL and Hanno Schrecker MRICS, Managing Director, DIC Onsite GmbH we addressed issues such as Automated Valuation Models, long-term value expectations and how the valuer could act as advisor to the client.

Der technologische Wandel ist unaufhaltsam und wird auch das Berufsbild des Bewerters verändern. Wir sollten nicht versuchen, den Trend aufzuhalten oder zu bekämpfen, sondern offen sein für Veränderung. Neue Entwicklungen sind permanent zu beobachten, vor allem ist interessant, inwiefern diese zur Vereinfachung unseres Tätigkeitsfeldes, zur Erhöhung der Bearbeitungsgeschwindigkeit oder zur Verbesserung und Erweiterung unserer Services genutzt werden können.

RICS Futures Forum 2017 
The RICS Insight report will be published late 2017, followed by round tables across Europe. If you would like a copy, please send a message to Sander Scheurwater.   

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