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ACRE Mediation Training in Poland

Training Warsaw, TBA, 10-12 Jan 2018

RICS in Poland invites you to the training on mediation which will take place in Warsaw in the following dates:
10-11-12 January - Module 1
1-2 Februray - Module 2

"Very helpful in absorbing the knowledge required to succeed the exams – interactive, practical and methodical. It was one of the most intensive course I have participated in – we covered wide range of topics starting from dispute resolution landscape, mediation ground rules until study of each phase of mediation. And all of this with case study role plays, coaching and critique, feedback and group discussion. "


ACRE Mediation offers an intensive, highly practical training course which will equip professionals with the practical skills to become experienced, specialised mediators. Delivered by some the UK's most prominent mediators, the course is designed to:

  • assist you in appreciating and anticipating the complexities, pitfalls and opportunities of mediation
  • equip you to mediate in a variety of commercial situations
  • build a high level of knowledge, skill and experience.

The full training programme consists of 5-full days divided into two separate modules. It is designed to help delegates build their negotiation skills, giving them the opportunity to practise management of disputing parties, as well as techniques for avoiding conflict escalation.

Module One: Introduction to Mediation and Mediation Advocacy [Days 1-3]

A three-day course that will provide the baseline essentials, to enable delegates to develop and expand their skills.

  • Day one: Mediation in context, an overview and mediation ground rules
  • Day two: Exploration: verbal and non-verbal techniques
  • Day three: Negotiation - working towards a settlement

Module Two: Accredited Mediator Training Programme [Days 4-5]

Delegates will participate in individual case studies, acting as mediator alone for the full hour with trainer led and peer feedback. Candidates will also be required to submit a written assignment.

  • Day four: Mediation advocacy and ethics - extended practical training, mediation practice and peer review
  • Day five: Exploration, time limited mediation, peer review and video assessment.

Full attendance of module one grants a certificate in mediation. Successful completion of both modules of the training programme brings RICS accreditation as a mediator and candidates will be entitled to have their name listed on the RICS Register of Accredited Mediators

This will signal that you have achieved a benchmark level qualification. To successfully market yourself as a mediator, and get onto panels such as the RICS panel (subject to vacancies), you will be required to add experience to your formal training and qualifications; either by observing other mediator in action, undertaking formal pupillage or mentoring.