Giving something back

Anna Orcsik

Regional Manager - Central & Eastern Europe (RICS)

Maarten Vermeulen, Regional Managing Director for Europe, Russia & CIS, recently visited Hungary and Austria. RICS strongly supports its employees to spend at least one day per year to do some voluntary work or ‘to give something back’ to society. Therefore, during his stay in Hungary, Maarten not only spent time attending official meetings and events, but also joined the local team, Anna Orcsik (RICS CEE Regional Manager) and Anna Banyasz (Business Development Assistant), in two activities.

Please read Maarten's report below.

On the first day of my trip we visited a privately funded orphanage for children and on behalf of RICS we donated a big box full of teaching materials. I was honestly very impressed by the level of love and dedication shown by the staff as well as the happiness of the children living in the orphanage. I think it is amazing to see what can be achieved with very limited resources and without any state support.

Blood donation was the second activity organised by the local team. Blood reserves are very important for hospitals as significant quantities of blood are needed for operations, but also for example when serious accidents happen and victims have lost blood. Therefore the RICS Hungary Board agreed to jointly give blood. I think this is again an impressive example of what we can do in our own small way. Blood donation is very important and can really make a difference.

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  1. The view from RICS

    A big thank you to the RICS Hungary Board for embracing these very important initiatives and to all those RICS Members who contributed.

    Maarten Vermeulen FRICS

    Maarten Vermeulen FRICS, RICS Managing Director for Europe, Russia & CIS 6 November 2014 6 at 20:28PM

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