Oliver Parsons

Editor of Modus


An experienced and award-winning magazine editor, Oliver has worked in the sectors of property, insurance, automotive and technology.

At Sunday Publishing, he has edited titles for a variety of high-profile clients, including Miller Homes, British Gas, Allianz and Toyota, as well as RICS.

Articles (34)

  • The Adaptable Issue
    Planning & development

    The Adaptable Issue

    Meet the new, most important person in city hall: the Chief Risk Officer. Working across departments, these 'resilience tsars' bang heads together to learn about the particular threats that their city faces, and lead the development of a suitable resilience strategy.

  • The Air Issue

    The Air Issue

    More than ever in this shrinking world, a country’s economic growth is dependent on strong airport infrastructure, so if they are to thrive, it’s vital that they plan and deliver airports that are fit for the future. But how can we build that infrastructure in time?

  • Modus Asia edition, Q3 2017
    Commercial property

    Modus Asia edition, Q3 2017

    We probably all think that we have a strong sense of right and wrong, but how does that change when we’re working in an environment where culture, leadership and competing priorities make moral decisions much harder? How does our judgement change?

  • Next Generation issue

    Next Generation issue

    With new technologies emerging and transforming working practices, it’s inevitable that the skills and aptitudes required by the industry will change. But the questions are… how, and when?

  • The Earth issue

    The Earth issue

    The school where you and your children were educated has been at the heart of your community for 30 years. And now it’s been given two weeks to vacate the premises – because someone else is claiming that they own the land it stands on.

  • Modus Asia edition, Q2 2017
    Commercial property

    Modus Asia edition, Q2 2017

    The world’s cities are turning into megacities at lightning pace, putting pressure on living space and conditions, zoning and infrastructure. To avoid a dystopian urban nightmare, what forms of leadership do we need in cities and where will this leadership come from?

  • The Responsible issue
    Dispute resolution

    The Responsible issue

    Despite efforts to promote a less adversarial culture in construction, disputes are becoming more protracted. Last year’s Arcadis survey of global construction disputes shows they are taking longer to resolve – lasting an average of 13 months, compared to nine in 2010.

  • The Data issue
    Property technology

    The Data issue

    Our world is driven by data. From Google using your search history to return better results, to the complex financial transactions that are protected via blockchain, it shapes, governs and influences every corner of our lives.

  • The Standard issue
    Commercial property

    The Standard issue

    In our everyday lives, most of us find it relatively easy to judge and conform to appropriate ethical standards, but put any of us into an organisation or company, and everything changes. This is particularly true in business, where leaders, managers and employees face conflicting incentives, messages and pressures from multiple stakeholders.

  • Modus Asia edition, Q1 2017
    Planning & development

    Modus Asia edition, Q1 2017

    Spending millions on a thing that cannot be moved, no matter what happens, has to be the ultimate statement of confidence in the future. So when it comes to the built environment, confidence is absolutely critical. In fact, without it, we’d all be living in tents.