Stephanie Bentley

Prop Tech Product Executive, Data and Information Products Group


Digital technology is changing the way we plan, build, maintain and use our social and economic infrastructure. Property technology (PropTech) refers to all aspects of innovation and how it impacts the built environment.

Stephanie is tasked with helping to raise awareness and understanding of how technology is going to impact the sector through the sharing of thought leadership and market insight and ensuring data and technology is infused into all of our products.

Articles (5)

  • The role of technology in managing co-workplaces
    Property technology

    The role of technology in managing co-workplaces

    Changes in working environments are well documented – a more mobile workforce, a more connected workforce, and the continued blurring of the boundaries between work and home life. The exponential rise of co-working spaces is testament to the growing appeal of workspaces that are able to flex to accommodate these changing needs.

  • Building the cities of the future
    Property technology

    Building the cities of the future

    Increasing urbanisation, climate change and pressure on public sector budgets are just some of the issues facing our cities today. How can data and technology help? We supported the recent Smart Cities and Communities conference to share insight from industry leaders. Here’s what we learned:

  • Laying the foundations for future success
    Property technology

    Laying the foundations for future success

    In the property industry, we understand better than anyone the importance of laying down strong foundations to guarantee the longevity of our assets. We cannot limit that to steel and concrete, but must understand how the digital foundations that we lay will be paramount to the future success of our properties.

  • The future will see you now
    Property technology

    The future will see you now

    Technology and the ever-increasing availability of data is changing almost every aspect of the way we live our lives, from the way we travel and communicate to the way we design, construct and respond to the built environment. We caught up with leading thinkers at the UK-based event series Digital Construction Week (DCW). Here's what we learned.

  • PropTech: Why should you care?
    Property technology

    PropTech: Why should you care?

    Recent years have seen advances in technology that are impacting on all areas of the economy and the real estate industry is of no exception. Whilst it is true that some technology is being developed simply for technology’s sake, others are adding real value to the work of a professional.