Europe Digest 2017

Facing the future with confidence

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As we approach the end of a productive year, our achievements reflect the work we have undertaken in repositioning RICS as a truly global 21st century professional body.

What’s inside:

  • Leading solutions for change
    Globalisation and political turmoil have given rise to new and complex challenges. We’re linking ideas and innovative thinking to deliver tangible solutions to society’s most pressing issues.
  • Celebrating 150 years of RICS’ extraordinary vision
    To mark our milestone anniversary and the contribution our profession makes to society, we’ve launched a global competition to find our sector’s brightest new ideas.
  • Reputation is everything
    Safeguarding the integrity of RICS standards is vital in building and maintaining trust in the marketplace. Find out about our research on professionalism and what RICS is doing to help you manage reputational risk.
  • Future-proofing the role of the valuer
    Identified as an occupation ‘at risk of change’ by the RICS Futures report, the valuation profession is facing a period of critical transformation. We explore the role of RICS in mapping the future of valuation. 
  • Redefining facilities management
    As buildings, infrastructure and working practices become ever more complex, facilities management has a strategic role to play. RICS’ landmark alliance in April 2017 promises to transform the profession.

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