Completing and publishing your professional profile

All our members can create and maintain their own professional profile page on the RICS website. Any site visitor can see your page, but only you can update and publish it.

Step 1: Log in to your account

If you’re a qualified RICS member you already have an account. You can log in from the top right corner of any page. 

Use your email address to log in. If you can’t remember your password, it can be reset by following the ‘Forgot your password’ link.

Professional grab - step two

You can do this on the homepage once you've signed in.

Step 2: Check and improve your details

Check your details and add any additional personal information by clicking ‘manage your account’ on the homepage,

Then click 'manage profile'.

To make your profile visible, you will need to click so that each section states ‘Showing’. You can check how your profile appears to others by clicking the button at the top of the Manage Profile page called ‘View your public profile’.

Remember to fill out the 'Skills' section- this helps us tailor the content we send to you via email.


Step 3: Manage your topics

Topics represent the areas that you are interested in. By selecting to FOLLOW a topic, we will ensure that all new content added will appear as recommended to you when you log in to this website.

You can select the content topics you wish to follow and change the ones you do not wish to follow.

Manage your topics now.

Step 4: Find yourself

Find yourself in the member directory. The bottom of each webpage has a link to the directory. When you’re logged into the site, it looks like this:


Enter your name, and search (country field is optional).


From the results, you can click through to your profile:

Bruhl listing page

Your profile should now be published and visible to all.

Bruhl listing page

Further help

Any queries or issues, please contact

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