Candidates with access to isurv are 12% more likely to pass their Final Assessment than those without access to isurv.


This is because isurv  provides all the help and support trainees need to learn and develop the professional and technical skills that are required of them when they become fully qualified.

How can isurv support you?

With specific content that closely aligns with the APC pathways, and direct links to key reading and guidance, isurv helps ensure candidates develop a strong foundation of knowledge to pass the final assessment.

isurv couples its professional and technical content with a dedicated APC section that will provide you with:

  • Detailed explanation of all APC pathways, linked to relevant professional content.
  • Full guidance on key competencies.
  • Numerous resources to help you prepare for the final assessment.
  • Can contribute 50% of your APC CPD hours.
  • Exclusive online access to the RICS APC resources.

isurv supports the following APC pathways:

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