Using RICS designed templates, WorkSmart allows you to easily produce well structured reports that clearly highlight property findings and are compliant with RICS standards.

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WorkSmart is free to register on and there is no annual subscription fee so you just pay for the reports that you produce. Report credits start from as little as £4.

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WorkSmart provides a number of features that can help you produce reports efficiently including a spell checker, text editing functions, tabs to help you move quickly between each section of the report and a review page which highlights all empty fields in the report.

Flexible text entry

WorkSmart allows you to use or adapt the RICS sample phrases, create and save your own set of favourite phrases which can be shared by all users within your company.
 (Currently not available for Building Survey reports). 

Auto-populated summary table

All tables are automatically summarised for you in your RICS Home Survey Report.

Online report delivery

RICS Home Survey reports can be printed out for posting to your clients, or can be delivered via email with links to a online viewing page. This way there is less danger of the email being blocked as spam or because the file attachment is too large. Furthermore, you can track when your client has viewed the report.

Online administration

This feature provides shared access to all job files for every user in your company. So if a surveyor is unavailable a colleague can ensure the client receives their report without delay.

Document management

WorkSmart can host your terms and conditions, company logo and any other files you use to personalise your reports. This filing system can be managed and updated easily.

Key functionality 

Feature Benefits to you
Auto-save a form as you work Prevents your work being lost if your system crashes, by automatically saving it for you as you type
Preview your work Monitor how the final presentation of your report will look. Especially useful when compiling long documents
Edit a published report Edit and update existing reports, rather than wasting time rewriting them
Use published reports as templates Saves you valuable time and effort by using the text from existing reports to create new ones

Customisation of reports

Feature Benefits to you
Create your own unique phrases Build a library of the standard phrases preferred by you and your firm for easy inclusion in reports. Use them in addition to RICS sample phrases. (Currently not available for Building Survey reports)
Personalise your reports Illustrate your work with images and files. Ensure your reports reflect your company’s corporate identity by including logos and contact details

Worksmart Prices

Item Cost (£)
1 report credit £11.00
10 report credits £88.00
20 report credits £154.00
40 report credits £264.00
60 report credits £303.60
100 report credits £407.00

Register a new account now or call +44 (0)2476 868555 for more information.

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