Guidelines for use of the RICS logo by members.

Personal use of the logo

Qualified RICS members have the right to use the logo on personal stationery (e.g. business cards), whether a partner, director or employee. This applies to all qualified members – Fellows (FRICS), Professional Members (MRICS) and Associate Members (AssocRICS), no matter what type of organisation they work for or the activities they carry out.

Use of the logo by firms

The logo can only be used by a practice providing independent surveying services to the public in the UK* if it is regulated by RICS.

(* Providing a surveying service to the public means acting to provide a service(s) considered by RICS to be within those which are responsibilities of RICS’ professional groups to professional, corporate, institutional and all other clients.)

All other organisations (including practices outside of the UK) involved in surveying activity – whether in a commercial or institutional context, but not an educational establishment – can use the logo.

However, these organisations must have one or more chartered or associate surveyor director(s) or partner(s) involved in surveying activity, or be a department within an organisation (unless it is an educational establishment) where a fully qualified RICS member is the director or manager.

How to use the logo

The RICS logo is made up of two elements - the RICS lion’s head and letters. These elements are of fixed size and position to each other and should not be altered in any way.

The RICS logo should be shown with either an ® (registered trade mark) or (trade mark) attached to it. The 'trade mark' version should be used in Brazil, Japan and Thailand. The 'registered trade mark' version should be used in all other territories. 

The logo is available to download below, in JPG, EPS and PNG formats, along with PDF guidance on using it. 

The RICS logo is a registered trade mark and should not be used or altered without permission.

If you have any questions relating to use of the RICS logo, please email

Downloading JPG and PNG files

When you download your logo as a .jpg or .png file, it will open automatically. To save the file, right click and choose the 'Save image as...' option in the pop up that appears.

Valuer Registration

RICS registered valuers should download their logo and guidance from the RICS Registered Valuer page.

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