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Take part in the Howden RICS risk survey

We are proud to announce the launch of this new Risk and Indemnity Survey in partnership with Howden Group. This survey is designed to be completed by those who are responsible for purchasing Professional Indemnity insurance and/or the risk management of the firm.

We are looking for a comprehensive insight into the Surveyor’s professional indemnity arrangements and risk. You will be asked a range of questions that will provide insight into the surveying profession’s approach to managing indemnity and risk.

Questions will cover:
• Size of your firm
• Your indemnity arrangements
• Your opinion of risks in the current marketplace
• Additional support RICS could provide

Take part in the survey  today

With a team of over 140 professional indemnity specialists, they work with a wide cross-section of surveyors from construction consultants to residential surveyors.

Their clients range from sole practitioners to many of the UK's largest property and construction consultancies.

Find out the latest in claims updates with Howden

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Find out more

Howden are always happy to offer insurance guidance to RICS regulated firms, irrespective of whether your business is a Howden client. They also offer all RICS regulated firms a confidential, no obligation professional indemnity insurance review which provides a quick, simple way of checking that you are paying the right price for the right cover.

The Howden Pi products

  • Premium start from under £500.
  • Three-year block run-off policy for smaller firms.
  • Policy coverage is broader than RICS minimum terms.
  • Flexible premium finance facilities.
  • Exclusive PI product for RICS regulated firms paying over £10,000 premium.
  • Primary £5m of insurance jointly underwritten by five ‘A’ rated RICS listed insurers. Sharing the primary layer between insurers eliminates over reliance on one insurer, spreads the risk and can help reduce the likelihood of insurers declining to provide renewal terms.
  • Cover available for limits in excess of £100 million.
  • Happy to provide quotes based on the proposal form you complete for your existing insurance broker.
  • Complementary contractual document review service.

More than just brokers

  • The capacity to respond effectively in the event of a claim sets a good broker apart.  Howden’s in-house claims department is an integral part of their PII team.  Their 21 claims experts have successfully managed numerous multi-million pound claims on behalf of surveyors.
  • No obligation advisory services for all firms from start-up to established businesses.
  • Free of charge, confidential PI review service.
  • Provision of advice on PI in relation to RICS requirements.
  • Guidance on captive management.
  • Risk management assistance and CPD training.
  • Advice on managing insurance during mergers and acquisitions.
  •  Regular updates on insurance, risk management and case law.

Why use Howden?

The surveying sector is evolving in response to a range of triggers from the demanding nature of lenders’ service level agreements, through to the changing nature of the built environment and the impact that technology is having on service provision as embodied by processes such as Building Information Modelling.

Effectively managing professional indemnity insurance in a changing market place demands the appointment of a specialist broker who understands the impact those changes have on premium, risk management, policy coverage and claims. Howden can demonstrate that they have consistently risen to that challenge.

Stay ahead of the risk

Stay informed about risk and insurance by subscribing, free of charge, to Pi magazine and Howden e-bulletins. For friendly informal guidance on any aspect of your business insurance arrangements, please contact:

Greg Harrison
t: 020 7133 1505

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