Member accreditations

We encourage our members to gain accreditation in specialised areas of practice. Through these accreditations listed below we provide focused services spanning environmental, legal and consumer issues, benefitting both members of the public and the profession as a whole.

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  • BIM Manager Certification

    BIM Manager Certification

    Tthe first BIM Manager Certification in response to industry requirements to have a kite-mark that demonstrates the skills and competence of construction professionals in using Building Information Modelling (BIM).

  • Building Conservation Accreditation Scheme

    Building Conservation Accreditation Scheme

    Since its introduction in 1992, the Building Conservation Accreditation Scheme (BCAS) has promoted good practice and standards and become recognised and respected throughout the industry.

  • Chartered Environmentalists Scheme

    Chartered Environmentalists Scheme

    The Chartered Environmentalist qualification makes an invaluable addition to your status of chartered surveyor as it is an independently regulated qualification that cuts across all professional disciplines.

  • Commercial Energy Assessors

    Commercial Energy Assessors

    RICS has informed members and Government that we have withdrawn from the Commercial Energy Assessor Scheme.

  • Dispute Resolution Service

    Dispute Resolution Service

    RICS Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) is the world's largest provider of alternative dispute resolution services to the property and construction industries, appointing around 10,000 dispute resolvers per year.

  • Domestic Energy Assessors

    Domestic Energy Assessors

    RICS has informed members and Government that we have withdrawn from the Domestic Energy Assessor Scheme.

  • ECO Assessor Certification

    ECO Assessor Certification

    Get trained and certified as appropriately qualified to authorise the treatment of hard-to-treat cavity walls under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).

  • Expert Witness Accreditation Service

    Expert Witness Accreditation Service

    RICS EWRS - UK is a voluntary scheme that sets the standards for chartered surveyors who act as expert witnesses in the UK.

  • Fixed Charge Receivership Scheme

    Fixed Charge Receivership Scheme

    It is arguable that fixed charge receivership has been unregulated since the introduction of the Law of Property Act 1925. The result of this has been that little or no protection existed to protect the interests of lenders, creditors or other shareholders.

  • Inclusive Environments Consultants Scheme

    Inclusive Environments Consultants Scheme

    Our Inclusive Environment Consultants Scheme provides an online register of accredited property professionals who have the knowledge, experience and expertise to practise as Inclusive Environment Consultants.

  • Mediation Accreditation Scheme

    Mediation Accreditation Scheme

    RICS is an Accredited Provider Member of the Civil Mediation Council.

  • Valuer Registration

    Valuer Registration

    Valuer Registration is designed to protect the public interest and continually raise the standards its members work to.