RICS' BIM Manager Certification sets the standard that demonstrates the skills and competence of construction professionals in using Building Information Modelling (BIM).

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Why become a BIM certified manager?

As BIM continues to dominate processes across the built environment, certification provides reassurance to employers and clients that the BIM practitioners they use follow accepted industry criteria.

Likewise BIM competent professionals will be able to demonstrate their abilities to the sector by using a reliable and consistent approach.

Developed in collaboration with leading industry figures, the certification is open to quantity surveyors and other construction professionals who already work with BIM.  View a list of RICS Certified BIM Managers.


With the RICS BIM Certification you will be able to benefit from:

  • status - market yourself with a practitioner qualification
  • access to work - clients are demanding professionals who can demonstrate proven BIM knowledge and experience
  • promotion - your details will be listed on the RICS website.


All applicants must have:

  • five years of experience in a relevant sector, such as architecture, engineering or construction
  • MRICS, AssocRICS, any degree or a recognised professional qualification
  • 12 months of practical BIM experience either in cost estimating or construction.

Application deadline

There are three assessment sessions available each year. The deadlines for application are:

  • Last working day March.
  • Last working day July.
  • Last working day November.

How to apply

There are two stages to the BIM Manager Certification: application and assessment.


You must provide:

  • career history
  • CPD summaries (50 words each)
  • four competency statements (500 words each)
  • a case study (2000 words)


Your application will be assessed by trained RICS members.

Certification obligations

As an RICS Certified BIM Manager you are subject to the following obligations:

  • monitoring by RICS.
  • completing and recording appropriate CPD.
  • recertification every three years.

Comments (1)

  1. The view from RICS

    Big data and BIM are transformational for land, property and construction. Whether you are a micro, SME or global business, you need to take advantage of these technological opportunities to improve your efficiency and bottom line. This certification will help you achieve this.

    Alan Muse FRICS

    Alan Muse FRICS, RICS Director of Built Environment Professional Groups 9 May 2017 9 at 10:36AM

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