The Building Conservation Accreditation is recognised and respected throughout the industry as promoting good practice and standards.

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The accreditation provides a register of experts with experience and knowledge in the field of conservation of historic buildings or sites. Professionals listed on the register can demonstrate to clients and employers that they work to the highest standards in building conservation. Many organisations employ, and work with, those listed on the register as it provides them with quality assurance and confidence that they are working with experienced building conservation specialists.

All repair projects grant aided by English Heritage must be led by an architect, chartered building surveyor or chartered architectural technologist who has conservation accreditation from a recognised body, such as the RICS Building Conservation Accreditation Register.

Looking for a building conservation expert?

The regional register of professionals accredited in building conservation is updated regularly and available to the public and other client groups. Download it on the right of the page.

Alternatively, browse the list of accredited professionals on the member directory.

Would you like to apply for the accreditation?

There are many personal and commercial benefits of being an accredited professional including:

  • Validate your status as a building conservation specialist
  • Demonstrate to clients and employers that you work to the highest standards in building conservation
  • Secure more work – many clients request that those working in building conservation have the RICS building conservation accreditation

For more information or to register your interest in the accreditation please contact us on the details below.


All applicants must have:

Practical experience is essential for accreditation. No academic qualifications are required to apply but a postgraduate qualification in building conservation, or academic experience, can be of benefit at application and interview.

Download the applicant guide and application form below.

Application deadline

There are three assessment sessions available each year. The application deadlines are:

  • Last working day in March.
  • Last working day in July.
  • Last working day in November.

Interviews are scheduled approximately two months after each deadline.

If you are interested in applying but are unsure if you are eligible or will be able to meet the next session deadlines, please contact us on the details below.


There are two stages on the route to accreditation: application and interview.

You must provide:

  • Professional details
  • Summary of experience (500 words)
  • CPD summaries (50 words each)
  • 5 x case studies (500-750 words each)

Please submit your application and supporting documents by email to

A 60-minute interview by 2-3 assessors including:

  • A 10-minute presentation by you
  • Questions from the panel

Accreditation obligations

As an accredited professional you are subject to the following obligations:

  • Ongoing monitoring by RICS Regulation
  • Completion and recording of appropriate CPD
  • Reaccreditation by written submission every five years

The RICS Rules for Registration, including appendix, are available to download below.

Further information

Contact RICS Membership Operations
t +44 (0)20 7695 1795

Building Conservation Accreditation

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