The academic assessment is a bespoke route to membership for academics who have undertaken surveying-related teaching and research activities over a minimum period of three years. Academics with a relevant degree or higher degree may be eligible for this assessment.

We developed a bespoke assessment for academics to recognise the importance of their role within the profession and the need to provide an opportunity for competence to be demonstrated in a different way to those who practise. Academics are required to provide evidence of competency relating to teaching, research and external engagement.

Do I qualify?

To achieve chartered membership via the Academic assessment, you will need to demonstrate that you meet our competency standards.

Applicants must have the following as a minimum:

A surveying related degree or higher degree
At application, a holder of a degree must have undertaken academic activities relevant to the profession over a three-year period. (The three years can be a total, not necessarily continuous, i.e. in 'one block'.)

How do I apply?

To decide whether you qualify, the first step is for you to send your CV to us using the résumé template at the bottom of this page. This CV needs to be sent to

Along with the CV you'll also need to send a 3000-word statement that documents how your final assessment portfolio is relevant to the profession and how this has been applied to your chosen pathway. One of our professional advisers will make an initial assessment.

Assessment information

If you meet the requirements for the assessment, the next step is for your CV to be reviewed by an academic review panel made of members who will decide whether you can come forward for final assessment.

If this panel agrees that you meet all the requirements and can come forward for assessment you will be asked to send in a number of written submissions and successfully complete the RICS Ethics module and test. The final stage is a competency based interview, using these submissions, conducted by our assessors.

If the review panel does not put you forward for interview, we will advise you of your possible next steps and which of our other assessments to membership might suit you better.

Background Reading

You should take the time to carefully read the documents about the Academic assessment, found in the download section below, before you prepare your CV and 3000 word statement for the academic review panel.

When you become an RICS member you soon realise the commercial benefits of holding such a prestigious and globally recognised qualification.

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