Infrastructure Information Service

Our Infrastructure Information Service can provide you with a single point of online access to costs, trends and benchmark civil engineering data.

This subscription package developed in response to the Government’s strategy and reports from the Treasury’s Infrastructure UK which highlighted several important issues:

  • The need for greater transparency of costs
  • The importance of benchmark data in controlling costs
  • The need for data to provide a high-level challenge on new projects
  • Clearer understanding of the cost of the risk of future inflation on long term projects and programmes.

The data is collated from many different sources, and is checked and verified by the team at BCIS, who maintain and operate the service on behalf of RICS. The subscription service presents you with access to all the infrastructure related indices for use in tracking inflation managing budgets for projects and programmes, allocating responsibility for price inflation on long term contracts.

Cost data for Infrastructure is extremely difficult to get at the bid stage. The information that we get is at a very high level. If you drill down the detail is not really there.

We are also bidding three or four years ahead, it’s alright at the moment but when the Government puts money into the market, it will become volatile.

We also have a resource issue; a lot of people have left the industry and we have lost their expertise.

It can help:

  • save you time when gathering information – a single source of information including indices, forecasts, unit costs and benchmarks from multiple sources provides you with a source of data so you can supply transparency of costs. 
  • provide you with a credible and trusted information source – using information from many different sources, the data is collated checked and verified by BCIS who have over 50 years of cost data expertise in the construction industry.
  • manage risk – Industry forecasts and sector focused indices help you predict trends and to justify costing decisions.
  • improve your knowledge across all sectors – providing you with information across sectors allowing comparison and potential diversification within organisations.
  • reduce the cost of managing your local databases – allowing you to compare with privately held information while reducing the need to maintain local information.

Infrastructure Information Service features:

  • It's difficult to get infrastructure information from a single source of relevant economic, statistical of information including: construction orders and output, GDP, interest rates, wages, RPI etc.
  • Provides you with access to civil engineering estimating data including unit rates, labour, plant and material breakdowns and labour and material constants.
  • Includes a quarterly analysis of infrastructure market containing analysis of the trends in demand for civil engineering construction work, resource costs and prices together with a five-year, sector level forecast of demand, costs and prices. It is proposed to provide separate cost forecast for the road, rail and water sub-sectors as well as a forecast of the infrastructure price index.
  • The data has a UK focus but benchmark studies include data from around the world

Indices include:

  • Civil Engineering cost and price indices from BCIS and BIS including a new infrastructure price index
  • Output price indices from BIS/ONS including COPI and IOPI
  • Price Adjustment Formulae Indices for Civil Engineering (Baxter), Specialist Engineering and Highways Maintenance

Benchmark studies are presented by Entity and include:

  • Pavements
  • Pathways
  • Bridges
  • Retaining structure: embankments and retaining walls
  • Tunnels
  • Power generation

Explore the content and features within the Infrastructure Information Service by requesting a free demonstration. If you would like to speak to someone about your requirements, please call  +44 (0)24 7686 8433.

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