Our benchmarking data - covering maintenance and operation costs such as cleaning, energy consumption and administrative costs - has long been relied on by property professionals.

It provides a sound basis for early life cycle cost advice and the development of life cycle cost plans.

BCIS Running Costs Online

BCIS Running Costs Online is an estimating expenditure tool which helps facilities managers and surveyors who specialise in facilities management, maintenance and operating costs.

BCIS Building Running Costs Indices Online
BCIS maintenance cost indices provide access to monthly updates of maintenance indices.

BCIS Schedule of Rates (ORDB) – Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Price Book has evolved into a new service.  Developed to make estimates easier for the contractor or surveyor, the service allows you to create your estimates online, include your own overheads and profit, apply location factors and forecast up to five years in advance. 

Building Maintenance Price Book

Published yearly, the price book provides independent data provided by experienced estimators specialising in building maintenance work and repairs. It contains the latest labour, materials and plant hire costs for maintenance work, repairs and rehabilitation - helping you plan and budget.


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