Our rebuilding and reinstatement cost data is an essential resource for many surveyors, valuers and insurance professionals, both in setting insurance premiums and calculating depreciated replacement cost valuations.

BCIS Review Online

BCIS Review Online can help surveyors provide insurance reinstatement cost assessments, development appraisals or valuations based on current construction prices for both commercial and residential property.

BCIS Rebuild Online

A tool to supply residential reinstatement cost data is a valuable resource for chartered surveyors in calculating accurate reinstatement cost assessments (RCAs) for insurance purposes.

BCIS House Rebuilding Cost Matrix

BCIS calculates the House Rebuilding Cost Index for the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Most domestic house insurance policies require that the sum assured is the full rebuilding cost of the property.

BCIS Risk Check

RiskCheck is an online rebuilding cost application for commercial buildings that will enable you to check the property sum insured.  It provides you with a traffic light system so you can see at a glance if you are over, under or correctly insured.

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