RICS Component LifeCycle Tool

An intelligent long-term approach to property life cycle management.

RICS Life Cycle Evaluator supports the ongoing management of your property portfolio with the detail you need to cover the maintenance, servicing and costs of your buildings drilled down at a component level.

How the tool can help you:

  • Risk reduction: prevents over/under estimation of component costs and life expectancy helping to assess costs and increase efficiency
  • Viable property management: Helps to provide a long term property lifecycle approach helping you cost appropriately over the life of the property
  • Strategic approach: delivers strategic capability to help plan and embed long-term decision making to support the efficiency of property over it life cycle
  • Occupier satisfaction: Provides data to support decisions that will best meet the needs/performance goals of the property occupants.
  • Independent RICS data: Be safe in the knowledge you are benchmarking your costs with Independent cost data.

Life Cycle Evaluator is available now. Book your demo or call our sales team +44 (0)24 7686 8433

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