The BCIS Building Maintenance Price Data Online is available to buy through the BCIS ORDB – Schedule of Rates online platform.

With a subscription to this service you will always see the very latest rates.

Based on the latest cost information provided by experienced estimators specialising in the field, the BCIS Building Maintenance Pricing Data covers all aspects of maintenance work, including repairs, refurbishment, and demolition.

With web browser access you are now also no longer tied to your office, as the Building Maintenance Data Online can be viewed anywhere, anytime 24/7

You will also benefit from extra online features, such as fast search filter, adjustment factors and the ability to compile and download your own rates

The updated service will give you following features and benefits:

  • Quantities can be entered when you select the rate saving you valuable time
  • Groups of rates saved in an Abstract can now be rebased for a new time, location etc. allowing fast reuse of the Abstract
  • In the Premium version, Build-up details can be exported to a spreadsheet or PDF allowing the details to be easily included in a report.
  • The format of MS Excel has been improved to allow easier viewing of the results and faster integration into project documents.

New for 2018

In this revised 2018 edition, we have extended sections on:

  • Extended sections on forming openings
  • Decoration
  • WC cubicles
  • Rooflights

With the Building Maintenance Price Data Online you will be able to:

  • Satisfy your clients’ needs knowing you are providing realistic cost estimates and advise based on up-to-date figures
  • Make it easier at the initial cost stage as the product is easy to navigate around and find what you are looking for
  • Ensure you remain compliant, avoid costly disputes and adhere to RICS best practice
  • Save time as it includes costs that are all held in one place
  • Use as a support tool, as you can customise and adjust your data for specific locations using the built-in ‘Price Adjustment tool’
  • Provide initial budgeting costs ensuring you are not over or under-estimating.

BCIS Building Maintenance Price Data Online features:

  • Unlimited access to all our supply and installation costs
  • See previous editions of datasets where available
  • Access labour, material and plant breakdowns as displayed in the printed books
  • With the premium subscription service, see complete rate build-ups including estimating constants
  • View background and supporting material for each dataset in PDF format
  • Advanced filter function rapidly locates specific search terms and descriptions
  • Ability to make adjustments to the rates
  • Ability to view a set of rates on a fixed date
  • A built-in ‘Price Adjustment tool’ for location and time frame factors
  • Forecasting information
  • The ability to abstract rates and download into  Excel/Word documents.

Premium Access

  • Access complete rate build-ups including labour, plant and material constants

Pricing Structure (prices below include VAT)

Package 1 user 5 users 10 users 20 users 30 users
Building Maintenance Price Data - Basic £186 £282 £402 £642 £882
Building Maintenance Price Data - Premium £360 £528 £738 £1,158 £1,578

What to expect after you have paid online:

  • You will be sent an email confirming your order
  • Once the order is processed, you will receive a unique activation code via email (usually takes two working days), with links to access the product

Get a free demonstration by a trained expert.

To talk to someone about the BCIS ORDB - Schedule of Rates packages please phone +44 (0)24 7686 8433.

To purchase the BCIS Building Maintenance Price Data in Book format.

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