We've teamed up with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to bring you the ICE CESMM4 — Civil Engineering Price Data.

  • Provide accurate initial budgeting costs
  • Provide realistic cost estimates
  • Give advice based on a reliable industry source

The ICE CESMM4 — Civil Engineering Price Data has been compiled using the latest Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement (CESMM4). It provides subscribers with market leading cost data from a recognised and independent institution.

Accessible via subscription to the BCIS Schedule of Rates, Infrastructure Information Service or Web Services, it gives you access to the latest pricing information quickly and accurately through any web browser and is an excellent online alternative to the CESMM4 Price Book.

As a subscriber you will always see the latest rates, and with web browser access, the ICE CESMM4 price data can be viewed anywhere at any time.

“A great example of two leading professional bodies combining what they are best at and collaborating to advance knowledge in the Built Environment. I would encourage more collaborations of this kind that positively advance the knowledge and status of built environment professionals.”
“The ICE is committed to providing built environment professionals with the digital tools they need to help improve project outcomes. We are delighted to launch the ICE CESSM4 – Civil Engineering Price Data that provides the sector with up to the minute, market leading cost data on a convenient and integrated platform provided by RICS”


  • Unlimited access to civil engineering costs that adhere to ICE standards.
  • A digital version of the hardcopy book which is easily navigable for speedier turn arounds at the initial cost stage.
  • Access to labour, material and plant breakdowns and build-ups for work items or resourcing investigations, with download functionality.
  • Rapid location of specific items using the search functionality.

Gives you the ability to:

  • Rebase rates to time and location.
  • View a set of rates on a fixed date.
  • Abstract rates/groups of rates to create estimates and download into  XLSX, CSV or PDF, allowing easier.
  • View results and integrate them quickly into project documents.
  • View complete rate build-ups including estimating constants; and save abstracts to revisit for completion or re-use/rebasing at another time.
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CESMM4 £480 £734.40 £1,052.40 £1,688.40 £2,324.40
Prices exclude VAT

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